A Bliss

About us

We all search for small moments of pleasure and satisfaction and small opportunities to find joy and joviality. Basically, we all pursue a state of happiness. What if this state of happiness and pleasure came totally customized, left at your door or delivered to your own hands? A small piece of heaven specially made for each one.

What we offer

Bliss offers an open range of options, all of them full of excellence and high quality, whether linked to Food & Drinks or Lifestyle. The end result is a unique and differentiating product, which awakens senses, elicits sighs and creates memories for life.

A state of profound satisfaction, happiness and joy, a constant state of mind...
Like a dish created in the best restaurants, Bliss experiences are the result of a meticulous and exhaustive process, where every step and every ingredient is thought with a high level of detail. Our recipe for excellence includes a handful of luxury, another one full of exclusivity, a big spoon full of dreams, a pinch of extravagance and some other God’s best kept secrets that we like to keep for ourselves.

Once, Hubert de Givenchy said: “Luxury is in each detail” and we couldn’t agree more. Nothing can be considered luxury if isn’t designed exclusively. That’s how we guarantee that the experiences we offer will reach the most unreachable dreams and craziest expectations. We have a different definition of luxury and we’re proud of it!


Bliss is not just a set of experiences. It is a box of dreams, infinite opportunities and moments designed in an elegant and refined line.

Like an old tailor who, with the wisdom and ingenuity of the measuring tape, measures and, stitch by stitch, sews the perfect outfit, Bliss measures the height of your dreams and the width of expectations and, step by step, draws your own happiness.

Challenge us to do what no one has ever done, to pass the line of creativity and to redefine the limits for luxury. We guarantee that we go beyond possibilities, make dreams come true, offer moments you didn’t know you wanted and, in the end, create memories that you will remain forever.
Around the table, there are no colors, grudges or annoyances;
only stories to tell, laughter to give and mouthfuls to savor, slowly and with eyes closed, as it should be.
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